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The Challenge With Cinch

Getting great advice on the internet can be a time consuming hassle, and hours spent searching and sifting through links and forums still might not return the best result. But what if you could ask an expert your question directly and get the best personalized advice the very first time? That’s what Cinch, powered by Klout, set out to do. We found the most influential people online and put you, the asker, in direct contact with the experts best suited to answer your question. No searching, no sifting, just real people and great advice. This is Cinch.


As my first project after joining Klout, I worked with the product design team to define what Cinch was going to be and develop the overall user experience. As the project progressed, I ended up being a major player in the final visual design and crafted the UI, icons, and illustrations shown herein, working closely with the engineering team to bring these designs to life.


Crafted in record time, Cinch went from concept to production in just 90 days. 


Simple. Friendly. Approachable. The visual design of Cinch.

Topics to help us connect you with the right expert.


Have a question about a specific topic?
Right this way...


Real People, Real Answers

See what others asked and who
gave them great advice.


Ask Away!

Ask an expert, complete with details
specific to your situation.


Your Specialties

Only questions relevant to you will be
passed your way.


Give Great Advice

Receive questions from people needing your expertise. Don’t know the answer? Pass it along!


Get Personalized Advice

Get great expert advice on all your
home related questions.


Icon & Illustration Design


Simple App. Simple Splash Page.